Robert Mitchum

Here is the man of the year. He is one of my all time favorites. His work ranged from writing poetry, screen plays, and some of the movies that he also produced and starred in. He started when he was 15 writing poetry, and songs. His acting career started in the late 30′s , after going to the Long Island Players Guild and doing a stage play “Petrified Forest”. He then played in various movies and westerns, which led him to William Boyd and “Hopalong Cassidy”,with the western “Hoppy Serves A Writ” and went on to do stage plays during that period of time. He did the “Zane Grey Westerns”, and went on to a ten year contract with RKO. He played many different roles, from Drama to Comedy. In the late fifties, and sixties, he had a singing contract in Nashville, recording 26 singles, having three to reach the top of the charts. They were “The Ballad of Thunder Road”, “That Man” and “Walker’s Woods”. After his contract with RKO was over , he made many other movies, again ranging from westerns, drama, to comedy. He also did two TV series, “A Family For Joe”,1990 and “African Skies” 1991, numerous made for TV movies , his biography, and two great mini series in the late 80′s. He did the theme song for two of the movies, sang in Japanese to “Ann Blyth” in “One Minute To Zero”, was a master with any accent and spoke in Japanese in “The Yukusa”, an action/drama filmed in Japan. He played in over170 films counting the made for TV movies. He starred in 3 movies the year he died.They were “Dead Man” (released), “Waiting For Sunset” (not released) and “Race With Destiny” with his granddaughter Carie (released but not available).
He was always known as “Tough”, Dangerous”… Charles Laughton, one of his friends said “That’s a defense,” and he won’t thank you to destroy it!
Vincent Price added: He loves to tell stories, some true, some not, because they’re all funny! but that’s where the stories about him came from.
In 1959, Mitch bought a 250 acre farm in Talbot county, Maryland and raised Quarterhorses. One year he brought three of them for the competition at our Timonium State Horse Show. He dressed as a cowboy with dark glasses, and leaning against the wooden fence, he was obliging to all who recognized him, and free and easy with his autograph. He certainly added a touch of glamour to the opening day.

He was born Robert Charles Durman Mitchum on August 6, 1917 Bridgeport Conn. A family man , he was married 57 years to his boyhood sweetheart, Dorothy Spence and they had three children: Two sons: James and Christopher, and a daughter Petrina. He also had an older sister Julie, and a younger brother John, and several grandchildren. He died July 1, 1997 at his home in Montecito, Calif.

He was over 6′ 2″, had black/brown hair, and blue eyes..

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